How to Configure AWS RDS Proxy

RDS Proxy creates a single endpoint that allows a pool of connections to be reused and shared across a large number of clients to avoid exhausting database instance resources. It can be enabled as a layer in between client connections and databases or Aurora clusters.


  • In AWS select ‘Proxies’ on the left hand side
  • select proxies
  • Enter a new Proxy Indentifier
  • Ensure Engine compatibility is the engine your databases are using
  • Under ‘Target group configuration’
    • Select the database or cluster you want to use the proxy for
  • Under ‘Connectivity’
    • Expand ‘Additional Connectivity Information’
      • If you are accessing the proxy from within a VPC security group, use the ‘Choose Existing’ option, and add your proxy to the security groups

additonal config vpc

  • Click ‘Create Proxy’
  • Redirect database clients to the newly create proxy’s endpoint
  • To verify the proxy is on the right database
    • Go to RDS in the ‘Services’ Dropdown in AWS
    • Locate the Cluster or Instance the Proxy is intended for
    • On the ‘Summary’ page, scroll all the way to the bottom and verify the new RDS Proxy is listed in the Proxies section