How we can help

How can GTMI help you realize the potential of IoTfM?

Technological Roadmap Development: With the myriad of technological solutions and strategies for implementing IoTfM, getting started can often feel daunting. Thanks to GTMI’s vast experience, we can develop a technological roadmap for your organization that identifies your needs, documents current gaps and outlines recommended solutions. When formulating an IoTfM strategy, companies find GTMI’s objectivity and expertise provides a solid foundation for growth.

Custom Projects: With our track record of successful delivery for dozens of companies, GTMI can partner with you to identify your organization’s specific needs, then develop and implement a project plan that allows you to achieve your goals.

Consortia Projects: Consortia projects allow you to leverage your resources by collaborating with organizations with similar needs, under the guidance of a GTMI expert. GTMI has significant experience forming consortia teams that result in learnings that benefit all members.

IoTfM Annual Symposium: Each year, GTMI hosts an IoTfM symposium featuring guest speakers from around the world. The symposium provides opportunities to network and learn from industry leaders.

Manufacturers’ Roundtable: GTMI brings together representatives from leading manufacturing companies to explore IoTfM ideas, challenges and solutions in intimate and candid discussions.