MAC Driver Installation for USB Tethering

This allows your MAC to use a USB connection as an ethernet connection.

1. Make sure the necessary drivers are installed for MAC USB tethering.

1. Install the FTDI the serial driver directly from the FTDI website selecting the last version compatible with your OS.

2. Prepare to install the HoRNDIS network driver: shutdown your computer, hold   cmd+r  to boot your mac on recovery mode, open a terminal window from the menu bar under utilities > terminal type in csrutil disable Reboot the computer again. Start another terminal window and type mount -uw / (you may have to use sudo if the operation is denied).
3. Install the HoRNDIS network driver by downloading the last version on Joshua Wise website’s and running the installer.
4. Reboot your computer and follow step 2 again but this time enter csrutil enable you can finally reboot your computer one last time.